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With a wealth of expertise in sustainable development and well-being economics, Katherine Trebeck brings a fresh perspective to tackling today’s most pressing challenges.

Whether you’re seeking innovative solutions for social progress, sustainable economics, or holistic well-being, Katherine’s insights and guidance promise to inspire action and drive positive change.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Katherine to start a conversation that could shape a brighter future for us all.

The Wellbeing Economy in Brief

Global Compassion Initiative, Edinburgh Futures Institute.

Getting wellbeing economy ideas on the policy table

Global Compassion Initiative, Edinburgh Futures Institute.

Writer-at-large, University of Edinburgh

Global Compassion Initiative, Edinburgh Futures Institute.

Commentary on CPD’s Pulse opinion polls

Wellbeing is not a matter of right or left: according to most people, it's the only way forward.

Euro Health Magazine

Opinion piece.

Address to P4NE September 2023 gathering

This is one of the most challenging talks I have prepared in recent years.

The 20th-century playbook not working: The need for a wellbeing economy

Our opportunity to redesign a more humane economy

How to measure progress towards a wellbeing economy

Distinguishing genuine advances from ‘window dressing’.

The way to get an economy that benefits everyone

Article for

Budget plea to Grant Robertson to return NZ economy’s focus to wellbeing

Interview with the Newsroom's Jonathan Milne.

The wellbeing economy is our chance to tackle Scotland’s challenges at their source

Holyrood Magazine article with Aileen McLeod.

The wellbeing economy: Can it really work?

Interview with Holyrood Magazine's Chris Marshall.

Principles for an effective wellbeing budget

Centre for Policy Development briefing paper.

The four P’s of economic system change

Article in Dumbo Feather.

Time off and next steps

It's been a long time coming...

Wellbeing economy: an effective paradigm to mainstream post-growth policies?

Ecological Economics article with Fioramonti, Coscieme et al.

Where are we headed? Rethinking the economy

Interview with Trinity College magazine.

Time for Canadians to redefine economic success

In Windsor Star paper. Co-authored with Yannick Beaudoin.

From a harmless bet to Russian roulette

In Cato Unbound, co-authored with Dirk Philipsen.

A more apt measure for a healthier future?

Article for Brussels Economic Forum.

Into a year of ‘hand picking your yes’

Two things have happened over the last year that have made me feel very grateful for people who have had my back.

New Financial Forum magazine

Interview with Ivo Valkenburg.

Interview with Nadine Maarhuis in Maatschapwij Magazine

Interview with Nadine Maarhuis (in Dutch).

Interview with Elke van Riel for Vrij Netherlands Magazine

Interview with Elke van Riel (in Dutch).

There’s no better time than now

Interview in Eurohealth Magazine.

A wellbeing economy is more than a green social sticker

Co-authored Lukas Hardt.

Land and collective wellbeing: fertile soil

Blog with Hamish Trench of the Scottish Land Commission

Rocking the world with a new economic model

Interview for Herald Scotland.

Supporting but not synonymous the wellbeing economy and gender equal economy

Article for the Gender Equal Economy Commission.

Woman in power countries with female leaders suffer six times fewer covid deaths

Blog for Open Democracy led by Luca Coscieme and Lorenzo Fioramonti.

The Most Remarkable Act of Global Solidarity

A blog for The Alternative UK

Build Back Better What’s it going to take Scotland

Co-authored with Peter Kelly for Bella Caledonia.

Linwood, a microcosm of the beginnings of a wellbeing economy

Co-authored with Kirsty Flannigan and Jim Boyle.

Building Back Better Depends on Addressing the new Divides in our Economy

Blog for Opinion | Bella Caledonia.

In search of a grown up economy…

Partners for pioneering policy making

Blog for WEALL.

The OECD as the clinic to get our economies off growth?

Blog for OECD's wellbeing conference October 2019.

Teaming up to transform the economy

Blog for the SDG Transformations Forum.

Has Scotland Arrived? How will it make itself at home

Blog for Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum.

Review of Ian Gough’s Heat Greed and Human Need

Required reading for anyone who wants to understand the enormity of the task at hand.

A gentler path to the summit

Jeremy Williams and I blog about the core themes of our book (5/5).

What does progress look like after growth?

Jeremy Williams and I blog about the core themes of our book (4/5).

The futility of uneconomic growth

Jeremy Williams and I blog about the core themes of our book (3/5).

On making ourselves at home

Jeremy Williams and I blog about the core themes of our book (2/5).

What is arrival

Jeremy Williams and I blog about the core themes of our book (1/5).

What will the economy be when it grows up

Our blog about Arrival for the Post Growth Institute.

Remarks to all party parliamentary group on wellbeing economics UK

My comments about where the wellbeing economy agenda is up to.
The Economics of Arrival: ideas for a grown-up economy (with Jeremy Williams)

Arriving in a place of beautiful potential

Blog for And Beauty For All project.

Here we go first wellbeing economy governments policy lab underway

Blog about the latest step in the WEGo journey.

A wellbeing economy as an antidote to an economic system that is unsustainable

Blog for Carnegie UK's series to mark 10 year anniversary for the publication of the report by the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress.

There is nothing naive about building an alternative to our broken economic system

Blog for Open Democracy led in response to being called a 'fluffy bunny'.

Making ourselves at home in a world beyond growth

Blog for the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity.

When humanity determines economics rather then the other way around

Blog for the SDG Transformations Forum.

Making ourselves at home in an economy that has enough

Blog for Policy Press.

Making transformation tangible

Blog for the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity.